About this blog

I’ve been writing here and there a lot, and figured out that all my posts and expressed opinions were sort of lost with the time for different reasons:

  • sometimes I decided to break up with the hosting providers because I felt a sort of abuse in the way they deal with their customers
  • quite often, I write for the purpose of doing demos or tutorials at work and for privacy reasons I don’t take the risk of getting what I write to the public
  • … and sometimes I write about a product which gives me zero freedom to express a variety of things I deal with everyday.

As every writer, I have also the excuse of not writing often because I don’t have the time to do it .. which everyone knows is the best excuse for lazy authors :) It is not true indeed, it is a matter of commitment and consistency and it is time to change this.

I’ve been also committed to do research and work for others, as I traveled a lot for my career, from Tunisia, to France, to USA and finally Canada, I am now decided to put all the experience I gained for free to younger aspiring data scientists.

This website will ultimately lead to the creation of my first book, and I thought that, one way to keep myself committed to achieve this task is to maintain a daily routine of sharing knowledge with like-minded persons and through their criticism and their comments, I’ll keep the content more accurate and useful.

Posts structure

This blog is powered by Jekyll as you might see in the footer. I additionally hacked the layout to display other information regarding the post being displayed. I wanted to give the reader some information prior to reading a post, such as :

  • The estimated reading time depending on the length of the post
  • The level of the post being displayed that can be beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • The category as well as the tags related to the post
    and finally
  • The Table of Content of the given post : Every post will be introduced first in a general manner through a figure that describes the main topic and a short explanation with possibly some references and links to further read about the subject being discussed.