Hello ! I am Radhouane Aniba, people just call me Rad.

I am scientist with big interest in how data shapes our lives. I mainly work on Bioinformatics (applying computational methods to help scientists to understand the genomic causes to diseases such us Cancer ) but curious to all fields where data has big impact.

During my scientific journey I learned a lot of concepts and developed a lot of skills, such us : Expert Systems Developments, Knowledge-based system, Data integration, data analysis, Data mining and Text Mining, Machine learning

I am curious and a compulsive scientific book buyer because I am a lifelong learner and believe that everyday there are tons of new things we can learn to be, even a bit, better than the person we were yesterday

What is the ‘The Full Stack Data Scientist’

The Full Stack Data Scientist is a collection of tips and recipes that will help you go through all aspects of Data Science. Although a lot of people seem to define more or less properly this field, there is still a lot to learn about it, actually I don’t think we can stop learning new things when we jump into this field. Data Science is moving faster than the people using it, so one need to keep learning constantly in order to see the whole picture and the extent of Data Science.

In this blog I am covering Machine Learning concepts, programming using mainly R and Python, data engineering as well as distributed data pipeline deployment.

I hope you find the things I am sharing useful to you, if yes, bookmark this website and send me an email, I will be glad to answer ( I do it most of the time, seriously )


… and Keep Learning …